INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手

INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手 18.0.8

Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags.Inssist允许你在你的PC/Mac上使用大多数Instagram功能。* 有了Inssist,你可以直接从你

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INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手
INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手
INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手
INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手
INSSIST | Instagram的网络助手

Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags.Inssist允许你在你的PC/Mac上使用大多数Instagram功能。* 有了Inssist,你可以直接从你的桌面电脑发布照片、视频、Instagram Reels 🔥和故事到Instagram。* 你可以在发布的网格中安排、查看和重新安排照片。即使你不在线,预定的照片、视频和旋转木马也会自动发布。* 通过Inssist,你可以向任何Instagram用户发送直接信息(DMs),对照片进行评论并监控你的Instagram账户的活动。* 你可以为你的帖子搜索相关的标签,为你的视频选择最好的封面。* 你可以在黑暗模式下工作或浏览Instagram 🌑。* 通过Inssist,你可以一键连接和切换无限数量的Instagram账户。独特的功能* Inssist是唯一支持视频上传的Chrome扩展,也是唯一可以从桌面电脑上传视频而无需与第三方应用共享Instagram密码的方法。* Inssist确保照片以最佳的分辨率和质量发布。与其他Chrome扩展程序或 "用户代理 "替换方法相比,Inssist上传的纵向和横向照片不会因图像压缩而模糊。* Inssist允许你安排照片和旋转木马。预定的帖子会自动发布,即使你处于离线状态。数据安全* Inssist是安全的。你的数据不会离开你的电脑,我们不收集、储存或出售它。* Inssist是无广告的,只是工作。因为生命对于糟糕的应用程序来说太短暂了。------------ ENGLISH -------------BASIC FEATURES FOR INSTAGRAM ON DESKTOP* Use Instagram (almost) like on your Phone* Post photos, stories, IGTVs, videos 🔥* Get relevant #hashtag suggestions 🔥* Dark mode 🌑* Send direct messagesADVANCED FEATURES FOR INSTAGRAM ON PC / MAC* Publish Instagram Reels 🔥* Pre-plan posts in a grid or calendar* Schedule posts (posted automatically, even when offline) 🔥* Post and schedule carousels (multi-photo post)* CSV-powered scheduling* Manage hashtag collections and check hashtag metrics* Build hashtag ladders* Multi-account supportWHY INSSIST* Inssist is the only Chrome extension that supports Video uploads and is the only way to upload Videos from Desktop without sharing your Instagram password with a 3rd party app.* Inssist ensures the Photos are published with the best resolution and quality possible. Photos uploaded with Inssist are not blurred by image compssion comparing to other Chrome extensions or "user-agent switch" approach 😱.* Inssist allows scheduling Carousels without mobile app notifications and is the only scheduling app that does auto-posting for Carousels.DATA SECURITY* Secure. You Instagram data does not leave your PC, we do not collect, store or sell it. Ever. More on our Privacy Policy at* Free, Ads-Free and Just Works. Because life is too short for bad software.WHAT PEOPLE SAY🌟 I love it. It makes my work and life easier in uploading contents in my desktop. Brilliant solutions for Virtual Assistants and Social media Managers as well as Influencers, bloggers and creators.🌟 Wonderful app. It lets me scheduled my post on Pro mode, which really help for small business to plan ahead their social media game. Keep it up guys!🌟 This is honestly my favourite plug-in as a social media marketer. Couldn't live without it!Disclaimer: Inssist does not belong or related to the official Instagram application / website in any ways. It is an unofficial app that is developed and maintained independently. Inssist (browser plugin) is a wrapper to the original Instagram web application and makes it more usable adding many improvements, styling and bug fixes. This Chrome plugin is not endorsed or certified by any third party. All third party logos and trademarks displayed on this Chrome plugin are properties of the third parties. Inssist is distributed AS IS. For more info, privacy policy and terms of service, visit our web site: RATE US -------------If you like Inssist, tell your friends about it by sharing a link to!------------- REACH US -------------If you want to report a bug or have a feature request, please do not hesitate to reach us directly at You can find more info on the plugin usage and security under our FAQ page at


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